Utility Discord Bot with integrated website.

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Tetra is a Discord utility bot designed to help users with importing emotes from various sources and services.

The bot has a feature that automatically optimizes graphic files of emotes in order to fit the file size limit of Discord.

Basic usage of bot

But that's not all! To provide even more advanced functionality, I built a web application- Tetra Panel that allows users to perform more advanced actions, such as mass imports and manual corrections of emotes.

Custom API that powers the entire project, ensuring seamless communication between the bot and the accompanying web app- Tetra Panel.

Tetra Panel

Tetra has been added to over 1500 servers, combined total of 500,000 users and got verified by Discord! To date, the bot has added nearly 50,000 emotes.

You can find more technical informations on the GitHub repository in readme section.

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